Well this past June I had the chance to fish with two good ol’ South Carolina boys.   Bryan Bowers and SC fishing guide Captain Owen Pair.  Both of these guys were totally gung-ho on experiencing fishing they can’t do at home.  Which means Don’t Take Them Redfishing!  Believe me they do plenty of it up there and much better I might add than what we have here in Florida.  Either way, my job was to put these guys on some Tarpon.  With the weather making it totally impossible on the first day of fishing ocean side in the keys we decided to head to the protected waters of Flamingo which is located inside Everglades National Park.  Here I knew we could find some baby Tarpon to play with on the fly rod.

We launched the boat out of the Whitewater Bay ramp inside Flamingo and headed for Hell’s Bay.  Yes, that’s the same name as the Boat Company but I can assure you this place has been there long before any modern day high tech boat company.  Anyways, after several minutes of winding and turning in Hell’s Bay we finally arrived at our first fishing spot.  Owen took the bow first with buggy whip (Fly Rod) in hand.  Within just a couple strikes of the push pole we spotted our first rolling Tarpon.  Owen was able to get a cast in there just on time and almost instantly he was hooked up.  Unfortunately, the hook didn’t quite set so he was forced to throw it back in there again.  This time it was a go!  The fish ate the fly and came instantly out of the water.  With a whole lot of hooting and hollaring Owen fought the fish.  After a few minutes of excitement the fish finally gave up and came along side the boat for Owen to grab him and remove the fly from it’s mouth.  He admired his catch one last time and sent the Tarpon back to his home in the mangroves.  This secures the chance for the juvenile fish to grow up and make more baby Tarpon for everyone to fight in years to come.    If you’d like to read more about this story I encourage you to visit my Everglades Blog  here : http://everglades-fishingguide.blogspot.com/2012/08/fly-fishing-for-juvenile-tarpon.html

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Captain Rich Smith